We are privileged to provide quality, cost-effective Personal Hygiene Products on time, every time to our consumers that promote healthy outcomes and improve their quality of life… allowing them to carry on their daily lives with comfort and joy.
We strive to be a superior partner of long-term & win-win relationships, giving consumers reliable protection to enjoy their lives with confidence. We seek to understand our clients’ expectations and strive to meet or exceed them. We collaborate with our clients to shape
the exceptional opportunities of value that can be predicated, measured and repeated.
Our products meet or exceed the quality as per specifications approved by you all the time. You can trust the experience and integrity of the Joylink people who make service and sell them. We can guarantee you timely supplies of quality products backed by unmatchable services, giving consumers confidence and assurance.
We are honest and frank in all of our dealings and relationships. 
We give candid and fact-based information whether it is positive or negative. 
We attach much importance to customers' experience, lending an attentive ear to 
customers' voice, recognizing their needs; and it enables us to make further improvements 
based on the comments and suggestions from customers both at home and abroad.  

We are serious about obtaining results, but would like to maintain an informal work 
environment and we appreciate a good sense of joy. We are sensitive to the balance 
between work and home. 

We stress teamwork in our company. We care about each other, and we strive to involve, engage and challenge at every possible segment.

We are individually responsible for our performance. We hold ourselves accountable to do what's right for the company.
We challenge our conventions. We seek positive improvements. We evaluate and accept risk & competition, and we learn from success and mistakes.

We all act as owners and handle the Joylink company resources as if they were our own.
We prefer to manage by praising success rather than criticizing mistakes.
We seek to promote and recognize our teammates based on performance and need.
We put our heads together and make quick decisions. We adhere to hierarchy flat and communication open.
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